the mystery collection

An evening with The Mystery Collection is far more than a mere magic show. We offer a complete evening of mystery, deep with dark history, humor, horror and magic.


Master Magician Paul Noffsinger will guide your group through an evening of mystery, magic and storytelling like you have never experienced. Paul has studied the Art of Magic for many years and is an experienced performer and story teller.

Your event is fully customizable from a vast vault of mysteries to provide precisely the type of evening you desire. 

Please contact us to talk about the many choices
you have when planning your Mystery Evening. 

Evenings with The Mystery Collection may not be child friendly, but are ideal for mature teens and adults. Some of the subject matter may not be appropriate for youngsters.


HOWEVER, If you are looking for a kid-friendly magician, please contact us. The Mystery Collection is lucky enough to be friends with some of the best family performers available, and we're always glad to provide magical recommendations.