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Let us design an evening of mystery for you. 


The Curators at The Mystery Collection strive to create the most fascinating evening of mystery entertainment possible. We will work closely with you to customize a most unforgettable event. If what you seek is not listed below, please contact us. The Collection holds an extensive library and archives of materials on the strange and paranormal, haunted history and magic. We excel at researching and customizing a specifically themed program just for you and your guests. 

An Evening of Paranormal Show and Tell
Magic You Can Do 

I have been a collector of weird and mysterious things since I was just a kid. I have a very interesting collection complete with stories and demonstrations. This is the show that ran for TEN weeks to rave reviews. 

We will teach you and your group (of any size) how to be an entertaining and awe inspiring performer. We will meet with you ahead of the evening and discuss what you wan t to learn and go over all the details. We will provide all the materials and "magic" you will need. After the evening and a little practice, you will be amazing your pals!!!

Mystify - Mind reading, Predictions and Other Mysteries.....

This show is designed especially for home parties. You and your guests will particiapte in experiments of Mind Reading, Time Travel and other mind bending experiences.

Mysterious Options

Here is a sampling of other thematic options for your unique Mystery Evening: Circus of Terror, Haunted Library, Horrors of the Wild West, Spiritualism and the Rise of the Medium, That Voodoo You Do, Real Time Seance, Escape From The Asylum, Learn To be a Fortune Teller, Gambling Demonstrations, The Ghosts of Greeley, Mindreading and Predictions and many many more.

If you can imagine it, we can make it magically happen...

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